vegetable lasagna

Today I made a vegetable lasagna. It has become really wonderful. Unfortunately, without homemade béchamel sauce.   Ingredients vegetable sauce 1 pepper 1 zucchini 100g corn 200g broccoli 1 onion 1 clove of garlic 5 cherry tomatoes 250ml vegetable stock 3 tablespoons tomato paste Salt / Pepper / oregona / paprika 1 small package béchamel 1 handful of cashews lasagne sheets grated

Christmas Porridge

My Favorite Breakfast In Christmastime - Christmas Porridge Ingredients A handful of oatmeal Milk Some dried cranberries and apricots A few walnuts Cinnamon and Sugar Preparation Mix the oatmeal with the milk, a little bit sugar and cinnamon. Cut the dried fruits and walnuts in small pieces and mix everything in a bowl.