Chocolate sticks

It became a kind of tradition for me, to make pralines at christmastime. Last year I was running out of time, so I choosed a very quick and easy version of delicious chocolate-presents. I bought some cheep ice cube trays at IKEA, made of silicone, and filled them with different kind of chocolate. The results are these nice chocolates sticks.


Different kinds of chocolate : I choosed dark, milk and white chocolate. How much you need depends on the shape of your ice cube trays but don’t use all of the chocolate because you need more for the decoration.

Decoration could be stuff like: nuts, sugarpearls, dried fruit, brittle, sesam etc.


Melt the chocolate in the microwave or waterbath, add some flavor like minced nuts and dried fruits or whatever you want and fill it into the ice cube tray. Be careful that the chocolate will not become to hot, otherwise it will loose the brightness. Let it be fixed and get it out carefully . Now melt some chocolate again. Maybe another kind of and spread it over the sticks.
sprinkle the decoration on the chocolate while it is still soft.

Here a few variations that I tried last year:

Dark chocolate with dried apricots and coconut
White chocolate with pistachio
Milk chocolate with sesam
Dark and milk chocolate with brittle
Milk chocolate with hazelnuts and white decoration
Milk chocolate with white decoration and sugarpearls…etc.

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